Carpooling with Rabbi: “Names”

Rabbi and Kirsten (pronounced KER-sten) talk about the importance of names, the Jewish naming traditions, and how they’ve always longed for a personalized mug.

Watch our newest episode here:

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Past”

Rabbi finds an old CD and reveals to Kirsten that he was once an extra in a music video (!), which prompts a conversation about what stays in the past and what we carry with us. Spoiler alert: the video can be found on YouTube. And no, I won’t provide the link…

Carpooling with Rabbi–Episode 20: “Connection”

With Election Day dominating my thoughts I forgot to post this week’s episode. And maybe the results remind us of the importance of connecting with those who we are in relationship with.

After a discussion of “good” versus “bad” days, Rabbi and Kirsten discover that they are becoming more alike each day.