Carpooling with Rabbi: “Goodbye”

Our final episode.

Rabbi and Kirsten discuss transitions, the lasting impacts of our actions, and what it means to say goodbye.

Thanks for riding with us. You can see all the episodes on my YouTube channel or on the Carpooling with Rabbi page on my blog.

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Names”

Rabbi and Kirsten (pronounced KER-sten) talk about the importance of names, the Jewish naming traditions, and how they’ve always longed for a personalized mug.

Watch our newest episode here:

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Past”

Rabbi finds an old CD and reveals to Kirsten that he was once an extra in a music video (!), which prompts a conversation about what stays in the past and what we carry with us. Spoiler alert: the video can be found on YouTube. And no, I won’t provide the link…