The Golden PodCalf

One story. Two friends. Infinite understandings.

Emme, my friend and Carpooling With Rabbi partner, and I have started a new podcast. It’s a deep dive into the famous biblical story of the Golden Calf, found in Exodus 32. Have a listen:

Episode 1: “The Story”

Episode 2: “Keeping the Idol”

Episode 3: “The Human God”

Episode 4: “De-escalation Techniques”

Episode 5: “Our Best Experts”

Episode 6: “The Best Character, Part 1”

Episode 7: “The Best Character, Part 2”

Episode 8: “The Gold”

Episode 9: “Idolizing Idolatry”

Episode 10: “Yom Kippur”

Episode 11: “Riddle”

Episode 12: “Patience”