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A Carpooling Reunion!

It's a carpooling reunion and we have some big news! Watch a new episode of "Carpooling with Rabbi" here:  

“Carpooling with Rabbi” is #TrendingJewish

"Carpooling with Rabbi," the webseries I created with my former co-worker and friend Kirsten, was featured on a new podcast called #TrendingJewish, produced by my alma mater, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. It's a great podcast in general, and in our episode, we go behind the scenes about how and why we make our videos! Check ...

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Names”

Rabbi and Kirsten (pronounced KER-sten) talk about the importance of names, the Jewish naming traditions, and how they've always longed for a personalized mug. Watch our newest episode here:

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Endurance”

Rabbi and Kirsten discuss his new building project, the Omer, and how to handle setbacks when things don't go according to plan.

Carpooling With Rabbi: “Google”

How long can you wait before you Google the answer? Rabbi and Kirsten discuss the spiritual and cultural aspects of sitting with the unknown, and the nature of relationships, both online and off.

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Prayer”

Two joys and a luck? In our latest episode, Kirsten and I discuss the meaning of prayer and how it operates in our lives.  

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Past”

Rabbi finds an old CD and reveals to Kirsten that he was once an extra in a music video (!), which prompts a conversation about what stays in the past and what we carry with us. Spoiler alert: the video can be found on YouTube. And no, I won't provide the link...

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Self”

From Rabbi Hillel to Hugh Prather, Rabbi and Kirsten discuss the importance of taking time for self. Watch our new episode here:

Carpooling With Rabbi: Episode 9–“Life Hacks”

In our latest episode, I share some of my "life hacks," and Kirsten and I reflect on how sometimes it is the little things that make the most difference. You can find all of our episodes here.