Carpooling with Rabbi

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When Kirsten was the Community Engagement Coordinator at my congregation, she lived just a few blocks from my son’s school. After I did the morning drop off I needed to pass by her house on the way to work. So I offered to give her a ride…

We are now in Season 3, new episodes every Tuesday. Check them out below or on my YouTube channel.

You can binge watch Season 1 here:

And you can binge watch Season 2 here:

Episodes (Season 3):

Episode 29: “Past”

Rabbi finds an old CD and reveals to Kirsten that he was once an extra in a music video, which prompts a conversation about what stays in the past and what we carry forward with us.

Episode 28: “Avoidance”

Rabbi and Kirsten talk about how to handle the things they’re avoiding and what to do at a 4-way stop.

Episode 27: “Self”

From Rabbi Hillel to Hugh Prather, Rabbi and Kirsten discuss the importance of taking time for self.

Episode 26: “Punctuation”

Is punctuation really that important? Rabbi and Kirsten discuss the secret meaning of ellipses…and how the exclamation point is the new period.

Episode 25: “SNBR”

Kirsten and Rabbi discuss what it means to be spiritual but not religious. And we may sing a little Alanis Morissette in the process.

Episodes (Season 2):

Episode 24: “Killing”:

Sometimes we need to let something go, in order for something new to take its place.

Episode 23: “Prophesy”

Can dreams tell the future? Or do we make them real? Kirsten and Rabbi talk about prophetic dreams. And whether or not the 5 second rule applies to milk.

Episode 22: “Thirteen”

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of his bar mitzvah, Rabbi reflects on his “rabbarmizvah”–his 13th year as a rabbi. It’s also laundry day!

Episode 21: “Not OK”

It’s OK to be not OK.

Episode 20: “Connection”

After a discussion of “good” versus “bad” days, Rabbi and Kirsten discover that they are becoming more alike each day.

Episode 19: “Futuretripping”

While Kirsten and Rabbi discuss the dangers of worrying about the future, Rabbi reveals a secret from his past.

Episode 18: “Impostor”

Do you have Impostor’s Syndrome? Rabbi and Kirsten talk about accepting complements and how we often misunderstand what “humility” means.

Episode 17: “Lipstick”

What do you do when you start having a bad day? Rabbi and Kirsten talk about following-and ignoring-others’ advice.

Episode 16: “Forgiveness”

Just in time for Yom Kippur, Kirsten and Rabbi take on forgiveness. (And continue their conversation from episode 13)

Episode 15: “Golden Calf”

What is Yiddish for “FOMO”? Kirsten and I talk about her favorite story from the Torah.

Episode 14: “Letting Go”

Sometimes is more than about clothes. A planned trip to donate the Temple’s unclaimed lost and found–and the Rabbi’s “new” shirt–prompts a conversation on holding on and letting go.

Episode 13: “Yom Kippur”

Over the summer, Rabbi picks up Kirsten at the supermarket after she buys something for lunch, which prompts a conversation about the best and worst holiday, Yom Kippur.

Episodes (Season 1):

Episode 12: “Enneagram”

It’s the end of our first season! Kirsten (“the giver”) and Rabbi (“the mediator”) talk about their new favorite personality quiz, the enneagram.

Episode 11: “WiFi”

Kirsten’s WiFi goes down. The morning is off to a great start.

Episode 10: “Revelation”

How do you get your best ideas? Kirsten and Rabbi talk about the nature of revelation and inspiration in their creative pursuits.

Episode 9: “Life Hacks”

Rabbi shares a few of his “life hacks” and he and Kirsten talk about how it is sometimes the little things that make a big difference.

Episode 8: “Spies”

After an in-depth conversation about smoothies, it’s “the Torah as told by Kirsten.” Rabbi and Kirsten talk about the story of the spies from the week’s Torah portion.

Episode 7: “Self-Care”

It’s #FieldtripFriday as Kirsten and Rabbi make a run for supplies on the way to work and discuss self-care, secret snacks and a few hypotheticals.

Episode 6: “Grief”

Kirsten and Rabbi talk about something “heavy,” with references to Tarot, sitting shiva and the Facebook “like” button. (And some minor technical difficulties…)

Episode 5: “Political”

Rabbi gets involved in an online political conversation, and Kirsten shows him the error of his ways.

Episode 4: “Siri”

Rabbi’s new haircut prompts Kirsten to tell him about her BFF, Siri, and talk about the importance of reminders.

Episode 3: “Mystery”

Kirsten brings up “He Who Shall Not Be Named” for an early morning theology conversation.

Episode 2: “Detox”

After a pitstop on the way to the office to pick up the newspaper, Kirsten learns a little yiddish and shares about giving up social media as a spiritual practice.

Episode 1: “Dreams”

On our first ride together, Rabbi shares about a dream about work after he and Kirsten agree about the importance of hydration.

Thanks for continuing the conversation!

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