Recently our Community Engagement Coordinator Kirsten moved to a new house, just a few blocks from my son’s school. I would need to pass by on my way to the synagogue after I did morning school dropoff, so I offered to give her a ride. Now you can come with. We’ve always have great conversations around the office, now you can listen in as we chat in the car. Here is a teaser:

Find each episode on the separate page of my website. New episodes every Friday.

4 responses to “Carpooling with Rabbi”

  1. Guire McGuire Avatar

    I loved the first episode!


  2. Rabbi360 Avatar

    Thanks Guire!


  3. joeywolf51 Avatar

    When is the next season? And how many gallons of blood do I need to give? I also get anxious when I see the red light on voice mail. Can I get a ride?


    1. Rabbi360 Avatar

      Yes, of course Joey! That is, if you don’t give too much blood…


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