I wrote the first part of this prayer on Saturday as the events at Congregational Beth Israel in Colleyville were still playing out, and I shared it on TikTok, Facebook and at a congregational gathering that evening. I returned to it after and worked on it a little more, and offer it as a general prayer for protection.

Source of All Life and Blessing,

Free those who are in captivity

Protect those who are in danger

Heal those who are in pain

Strengthen those who are weary

Give peace to those who are in strife

Bring justice to those who do wrong.

Source of All Life and Blessing

May hatred and violence be eradicated from our communities.

May we continue to not only build walls, but bridges.

May the spark of the divine in each of us be visible to all.

May righteousness and compassion guide our steps.

May we lead with love and understanding.

Source of All Life and Blessing

In our times of need, we turn to You

And we turn to each other.

May we be blessed

with protection

with wisdom

with resilience

with solidarity

and with courage to fight distress and oppression, and to pursue joy and liberation.

For us and for all peoples

Now and in the future

From generation to generation.


2 responses to “A Prayer for Protection”

  1. Randee Avatar

    Beautiful — love it! Thank you so much for choosing to devote your time, heart and talent to writing this, Rabbi! We are so blessed by your presence and your work.


  2. Shoshana Stombaugh Avatar
    Shoshana Stombaugh

    So very beautiful, poignant… thank you for finding the words of my heart.


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