This Shabbat I pray.

I pray for the cease fire to hold. Forever.

I pray for the mourners and the caregivers.

I pray for the dead and the living.

I pray for the children.

I pray for the end of fear and hatred.

I pray for the healing of generational trauma.

I pray for the overturning of corrupt governments.

I pray for justice and equality.

I pray for the liberation of the Palestinian people.

I pray for the survival of the Jewish people.

I pray for the end of abuses of power.

I pray for the felling of walls.

I pray for tochecha and teshuvah

I pray for b’tzelem Elohim.

I pray for cheshbon hanefesh.

I pray for chesed and rachamim.

This Shabbat—and all times–I pray.

  • Tochecha=rebuke, reproof
  • Teshuvah=repentance
  • B’tzelem Elohim=seeing everyone in the image of God
  • Cheshbon Hanefesh=introspection, “accounting of the soul”
  • Chesed=love
  • Rachamim=Compassion

3 responses to “A Prayer for this Moment”

  1. Rick Avatar


    A beautiful prayer and in poetic format!

    Peace, Rick

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  2. Eleanor van Noppen Avatar
    Eleanor van Noppen

    I am Praying with you. Eleanor van Noppen, United Churches of Olympia!

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  3. kitkatalina Avatar

    Add my name as a supporter of your list.:}

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