“Thank you for the simple egg”: An invocation at the Washington State Legislature

On April 20, 2017 I delivered the following invocation in the Washington State House of Representatives:

Source of All Life and Blessing, thank you for this season.

We as a human family are witnessing the awakening of our world, as nature comes alive once again in spring. We delight in the buds on the trees, the opening flowers and all the new growth that surrounds us.

Last week Christians in our state and around the world celebrated Holy Week, marking the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Last week Jews in our state and around the world celebrated Passover, marking the Exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

Both of these festivals, while theologically different, capture the spirit of renewal and rebirth of the season. And while different, both share a common symbol, that of the egg. The Easter egg, and the egg on the Seder plate.

The egg captures the spirit of the season. Contained within its shell is the potential for new life. And its shell is strong, able to protect what lay inside, yet fragile enough to break when necessary, when that which is contained within is ready to emerge.

Let us remember at this season that we too are like an egg: strong yet fragile and the vessels for new life.

May we remember our strength: our ability to hold by our convictions, to support those more vulnerable, to champion that what must be championed, to resist that which must be resisted, to advocate for and demand not just what is but what could be.

May we remember our fragility: our ability as humans to be broken, which must guide us in how we treat one another, but also our ability to crack willfully, to open up our hearts and minds to new thoughts and new ideas, to be willing to be humble and vulnerable and know that we do not have all the answers, to accept compromise in order to advance the common good.

And may we remember our potential for new life: the ability to develop and champion a vision of what may be, to envision a state and a world of justice and peace and lovingkindness, and the power, especially invested in this body, to create new laws and new realities for the benefit of all.

Source of All Life and Blessing, thank you for this season. Thank you for the ability to celebrate our traditions freely and openly. And thank you for the simple egg. Which reminds us of our need to be strong when we need to be strong, but also our need to break when we need to break, so that the potential contained within us can develop into something new, and different, and better.

May all those who serve this body, and all those who the common good, find blessing in their work, and renewal at this time. May all of us be the egg.



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I am a Rabbi, serving the Jewish community of Olympia, Washington and the surrounding area.

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