OPRRecently I had a great time visiting with Jemmy Joe and Guire McGuire on their local podcast Olympia Pop Rocks. Its a great podcast in which they interview local figures in arts, culture, social justice, etc., and was honored that they invited me to be on their show.

The conversation was free-wheeling, and we talked about my blog, why synagogues are named “Beth XXX,” Star Wars: The Force Awakens, downtown Olympia, why I like to visit Seattle, Moses, Interfaith Works, our recent graffiti incident and more.

I admit I’ve listened to it several times, and not because of vanity or liking to hear myself talk (well, maybe a little)–I’m just so impressed at Guire and Jemmy Joe’s skill at crafting the podcast, as well as the fact that listening it reminds me of how much fun I had sitting around and talking with these guys for an hour or so. Have a listen! (It’s episode 25) And then you can check out the other episodes to listen to other great conversations and learn more about Olympia and the people who make up our community.


2 responses to “My Podcast Debut: Olympia Pop Rocks”

  1. Guire McGuire Avatar
    Guire McGuire

    Nice blog post Rabbi Seth! Thanks for the kind words. We had such a great time talking with you and I’m glad to be able to call you my friend. -Guire


  2. Rabbi360 Avatar

    Same here Guire!


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