The Olympia community comes together for a New Year’s Day vigil for diversity and understanding. Love > Fear!

After the hate crime attack against my synagogue last week, we not only need to repair the damage and address security measures, but we need to heal spiritually as well. I penned this prayer that I shared last Shabbat and at our community meeting the following week:

Eloheinu v’elohei avoteinu v’eemoteinu

Our God and God of our ancestors,
Hate has been visited upon our community
Our sacred space has been violated.
We feel vulnerable, afraid, angry and broken.

God and God of our ancestors,
We pray to You:

May strength come from our vulnerability,
so we can support one another,
and receive the support of others with gratitude and humility.

May compassion come from our fear,
so we do not act from that fear,
and we can pursue justice not revenge, peace not more violence.

May wisdom come from our anger,
so we are able to see that an attack against us is an attack against all,
and we are able to join in common cause with those who are similarly oppressed and targeted.

And may healing come from our brokenness,
so we are able to rise from this challenge with renewed life, commitment and connection.

God and God of our ancestors,
In light of this act of violence and hatred,
We maintain our commitment to be the shearit Yisrael, the remnant of Israel, continually upholding the teachings and traditions of Your covenant
Pursuing righteousness and compassion
Justice and mercy
Peace and understanding.
Love and friendship.

May You frustrate those who seek to do harm
And uphold those who seek to do good.
May the shelter of Your peace spread over us and over all who dwell on earth.

And let us say, Amen

2 responses to “A Prayer for Healing after a Hate Crime”

  1. Alexa Avatar

    I’m a queer woman from a Catholic background who was looking for a prayer to say following last weekend’s shooting in Orlando. too many searches that contained prayer and hate crime both in the description brought up people arguing, but this post was one of the only sincere things in the results. I read this prayer, and your remarks from the Orlando vigil, and found them helpful in putting my feelings and needs into a petition to God at this time when I feel so, so angry and heavy. Thank you


    1. Rabbi360 Avatar

      Alexa, Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I appreciate it so much. May we all find the strength we need to get through these difficult times


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