Is Capitalism Hurting Synagogue Life?

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As I’ve shared with you, in addition to my regular blog, I blog once a month at the Rabbis Without Borders blog on the My Jewish Learning website. (My slot is usually the first Wednesday of the month).

It is an honor to join a chorus of my colleagues in bringing diverse voices, opinions and conversations to the public stage. And for me, since I blog regularly, it is a forum to explore different topics that I normally might.
This week was no exception. As a pulpit rabbi I am attuned to the life of my synagogue, but I am also attuned to the life of synagogues in general. I make it a point to keep up with what his happening in the greater Jewish world of course, but what is being talked about regarding synagogues in specific is of keen interest since trends and best practices affect us as well.
And sometimes, I have something to say on the topic. So this week’s post is a repost of my Rabbis Without Borders post in which I reflect on issues of synagogue size and resources:
06-03-2015 09:00:05 AM

“How big is your congregation?” This is the number one question I am asked as a congregational rabbi in settings of other rabbis or Jews in general. Rabbi valedictories celebrating a successful rabbinate (upon retirement, for example) will always use synagogue growth as a number one sign of success. And any congregational website will feature […]…»

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