I’m back from my trip to Israel with Interfaith Partners for Peace. It was an incredible journey-I saw and learned a lot and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

Just not yet. Not because I’m not interested, but jet lag (still) and getting caught up from being away for two weeks is Rodneygetting the best of me. Plus there is so much to process, so much to think about from my journey that I want to be sure that what and how I share things are clear and well thought out. So with your permission, give me a little time.

But here is something to read and reflect on…my monthly blog post from Rabbis Without Borders. The schedule was such that my appointed time was when I was away, but I was able to write in advance and send it off so that I didn’t miss my scheduled day. It was posted on Facebook, but if you didn’t see it there, I share it with you now. Click on the link below:

When a Win is Not a Win

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