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Here are some thoughts from another endeavor, the blog that accompanies our monthly pub gatherings…

A Rabbi and a Pastor Walk into a Bar…


What does this composter have to do with our conversation on class at the pub this past week?

As I was heading home I saw it sitting out on the curb by a neighbor’s house, offered up, as many things are when left out on the curb, as free for the taking. It didn’t have a free sign on it, but the intention was clear. I pulled my car into the driveway of my house, and my son and I hustled down the street to pick it up. We met the owner who confirmed that it was free, and we carried it down the block to its new home.

Here, then, was an example of something we talked about. What are some of the ways we can challenge the notions of class and economic divisions? One way is this “sharing economy”–the transfer of goods among neighbors and community members. The idea of…

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