WASHINGTON—In its recent study of contemporary Jewry, the Pew Research Foundation found one overwhelming trend among Jews, regardless of background and affiliation—Jews love to talk about Pew studies. “The evidence is conclusive,” said Alan Murray, President of Pew Research Foundation, “a majority of American Jews have a strong desire to talk about Pew studies.” The study, titled “A Portrait of Jewish Americans,” sought to uncover trends of observance and denominational affiliation both among contemporary Jews and over time. While denominational affiliation was dropping, the study found, a propensity to overanalyze and obsess about demographic studies is on the rise, rivaling “attending a Passover seder” and “remembering the Holocaust” in popularity as a marker of Jewish identification. Response to the results was immediate; said one editorial in the New York Jewish Week, “what this study shows is that the key to a vibrant Jewish future is found in conducting more demographic studies.”


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