An Eight-Day Passover is Anti-Science

The story of Passover is anti-science: a series of biological anomalies called “plagues” that are visited upon the Egyptians each time Pharaoh refuses to release the Israelite slaves; a sea which splits based on human appeal and divine command in order to allow those slaves, once freed, safe passage out of the land. But that is not the point, it’s not meant to be science. The plagues which ravage the Egyptians are metaphors for the damage wroght by oppressive socieities,Read more

“Thank you for the simple egg”: An invocation at the Washington State Legislature

On April 20, 2017 I delivered the following invocation in the Washington State House of Representatives: Source of All Life and Blessing, thank you for this season. We as a human family are witnessing the awakening of our world, as nature comes alive once again in spring. We delight in the buds on the trees, the opening flowers and all the new growth that surrounds us. Last week Christians in our state and around the world celebrated Holy Week, markingRead more

For Passover and the Exodus, think Rivers not Seas

This column first appeared in the Rabbis Without Borders blog on My Jewish Learning. You can read the original post here. It’s spring break in our school district, so we are taking a road trip. We left our home in Olympia on the Puget Sound and drove to Boise, ID, where we have family. We drove south towards Portland then east across the length of Oregon. It’s a drive we have done many times before on family trips. This timeRead more

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Past”

Rabbi finds an old CD and reveals to Kirsten that he was once an extra in a music video (!), which prompts a conversation about what stays in the past and what we carry with us. Spoiler alert: the video can be found on YouTube. And no, I won’t provide the link…Read more

Creating a Progressive, Inclusive, Egalitarian Jewish People: My Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association Presidential Address

On March 28, 2017, I was honored to be elected President of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association at our biennial convention in Portland, OR. These are the remarks I delivered that evening at our Presidential Dinner. Thank you. I will admit that when I agreed to accept this position, I only did so because I thought I would be able to score an invitation to President Hillary Clinton’s White House Hanukkah party. I’m honored to be here standing in front ofRead more