Torah tl;dr: “Ekev”

Stay unsatisfied. Listen to the latest episode of my weekly podcast here: You can read the entire portion here. Torah tl;dr: 60 Seconds to Wisdom. Short Lessons on the Weekly Torah Portion. Suitable for all who seek.Read more

The One Thing We Need to Stop Saying to our Kids at their Bar or Bat Mitzvah

It was my turn again on the Rabbis Without Borders blog on My Jewish Learning. I’ve been thinking a lot about bar/bat mitzvah recently, about what it means to kids and families and how I as a rabbi am responsible in part for crafting an experience that helps make meaning. The performative aspect is one part that I have become more suspect of, and this blog post is reflects some of what I have been thinking. I hope to writeRead more

Swinging Across the Jordan

I didn’t post last week because I was away at summer camp. Each summer for the past few years I have spent a week as a faculty member at URJ Camp Kalsman, a Jewish summer camp in Arlington, WA. I spend my week leading services, tutoring for b’nai mitzvah, teaching Torah, hosting a reception for the counselors and overall spending time with campers (some from my congregation) and staff. It is also a bit of a retreat week for meRead more

Torah tl;dr–Matot/Masei

The newest episode of my podcast, reflection on the double portion Matot/Masei. Listen here: Silence equals consent. If you want to read the whole portion, find it here. Torah tl;dr: Wisdom in 60 seconds. Short lessons on the weekly Torah portion. Suitable for all who seek.  Read more

Build It All

On the Jewish calendar, we are in a period known as the “three weeks.” It is a three week (!) period that stretches from the 17 of Tammuz (July 24) to the 9th of Av (August 14) that commemorates and memorializes the destruction of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem. The three weeks are a period of liturgical mourning culminating in the 9th of Av, which is a fast day. While we are far removed from the Temple, and its systemRead more