We Support Pride. But We Won’t Be Marching in the Parade.

This weekend is the annual Pride celebration in Olympia. Earlier this week at Temple Beth Hatfiloh I hung the rainbow pride flag above our main entryway. I will be preparing remarks and readings for our weekly Shabbat service. TBH is one of the faith community sponsors of the weekend’ events. We will be reaffirming our commitment to the full inclusion of the LGBTQ community within our congregation. But there is one thing we won’t be doing as a community thisRead more

Carpooling with Rabbi: “Goodbye”

Our final episode. Rabbi and Kirsten discuss transitions, the lasting impacts of our actions, and what it means to say goodbye. Thanks for riding with us. You can see all the episodes on my YouTube channel or on the Carpooling with Rabbi page on my blog.Read more

50 Days, 50 Years

This coming week we celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, the day on which we celebrate the biblical story of Sinai, when Moses, having brought the Israelites out of Egyptian, brings them to Mount Sinai. There, he ascends the mountain to meet with God, who gives him the Torah. The Torah is the basis for a new covenant between God and people, and the basis upon which the newly freed slaves will build a new society. On this day we celebrateRead more

Reading the Past

One of the neat things about Facebook, now that it has been around for a while and become ingrained in how we communicate, is that we have now developed a history through that particular medium. And Facebook has noted this, and has an “On This Day” feature that allows you to look back on posts from previous years on that particular day. I like to check it out for all of the good nostalgia it brings–what I was doing orRead more