About Me

My name is Seth Goldstein, and I am a rabbi. I serve Temple Beth Hatfiloh and the Jewish community of Olympia, Washington (area code 360) and from my perch in the beautiful northwest of the US, I attempt to have a 360 degree view of life, Judaism, community and the issues facing my corner of the universe and beyond.

I am a fellow of Rabbis Without Borders, a project of CLAL, and you can find me blogging rwb_logomonthly on the RWB blog at My Jewish Learning. I recently completed the Clergy Leadership Program of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. I was a Brickner Fellow with the Religious Action Center, and am currently a member of cohort 3 of the Clergy Leadership Incubator.

In addition to my rabbinic studies, I have earned a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, trained in professional mediation, and am a certified Gottman Seven Principles Leader through the Gottman Institute.

I serve as President of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association,  and was honored to be recently named one of 2016 America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis by the Forward.


I was also recently featured in a story in ThurstonTalk.

thurston-talk-pictureNote: All thoughts and reflections on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the congregation I serve, Temple Beth Hatfiloh, its Board or its membership.

3 responses to About Me

  1. Leslie Shore says:

    Seth: Am beyond the moon to see your work here, finally! And, I wanted to say how wonderful your writing was on the Sandy Hook tragedy, and how in agreement I am, with you. Also, wanted to encourage you to share, on this site, your wonderfully progressive piece that you wrote on The Women’s Torah, which I have had blown up and use often. If you don’t have a copy of the text, I can probably fish one out, it’s terrific and important. Wishing you and your family, a Happy “Gregorian” New Year and as always, feel so grateful you are in our world.
    With love,
    Leslie xo


  2. Don Victor says:

    Shalom, Seth. We speak lovingly and frequently of you and yohanna. This e-mail thing (laptop) is new to me, so am giving you FOUR a shout-out. C. Ahavath Sholom. great and enjoying year eight with our Spiritual Leader, Barbara j. Cohen. Love the Hallah board. If you have a family photograph, we.d treasure an update. Yohanna, you certainly helped make us what we are. The Shul looks wonderful: We redid the interior, pretty much our own labor. It is the same and much more welcoming..You are invited home, anytime! Along with our 90-year-old Congregation, we of course are all getting along. Stay well. New to all of this, I hope these thoughts go through.


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