Turning to the Land

The warm weather brings us outside, and for many of us our thoughts turn to gardens and planting. It is time, once again, to till the soil.Looking at the small section of the earth that is under my care I can't help but sigh. For the decade I have lived here I have engaged in ...


Universe’s Most Famous Atheist Dies

During a period of momentous events in the last few weeks, one was understandably overlooked--the death of actor Richard LeParmentier. Who is he? He appeared in the movie Star Wars in one famous scene as the Imperial Officer in charge of the Death Star who is choked by Darth Vader using the Force. [For the sake of ...


TBH 75th Anniversary Street Fair! Vendors Wanted!

TBH is holding a street fair to celebrate our 75th anniversary on Sunday, June 2. We are looking for vendors to help make this day a great success. If interested, or know someone who is, here is the vendor application: TBH Street Fair App 4.25.13


The Response to Fear is to Interfere

Last weekend in Olympia was an interfaith vigil on gun violence. I was asked to give the closing words, here is what I shared: We are reminded, especially after this week, that we are living in a time of fear. We live in fear of violence that the accessibility of guns can bring, And we ...


After Death, After Boston

This week's Torah portion in our weekly cycle is Acharei Mot, which means "after death." The death referred to is that of the sons of Aaron, priests like their father and nephews to Moses, who make a mistake in the sacrificial offerings and are incinerated by God in the process. The text describes Aaron silent ...


Bright Lights in Boston

Bright Lights in BostonWe are all still struggling with the tragedy in Boston. I was talking with someone the other day who said, "We all know who did it.""Who?" I asked."The fundamentalists."Yes, that's right. It doesn't matter which fundamentalists, but some type of fundamentalist did this...someone who believes that he or she is right, and ...


Treasure Each Day

“Teach us to treasure each day, that we may open our hearts to Your wisdom.” This is a verse from Psalm 90, and this interpretive translation and the music which goes with it was composed by Rabbi Yitzkak Husbands-Hankin at Temple Beth Israel in Eugene, OR. I first heard it 17 years ago at the ...


From Death to Life

As we wrapped up the festival of Passover, our Christian brothers and sisters were reflecting on a story of resurrection. On the one hand, we can say that the theme of resurrection does not play a major role in Jewish theology. On the other hand, what is resurrection if not the renewal of life? With ...


Testimony on the Reproductive Parity Act

Yesterday I went to the Washington State Capitol for the third time this session to testify. This time it was in front of a Senate committee considering the Reproductive Parity Act, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that would require health plans to cover all aspects of maternal care, including voluntary termination of pregnancy.  My testimony ...