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My name is Seth Goldstein, and I am a rabbi. I serve Temple Beth Hatfiloh and the Jewish community of Olympia, Washington (area code 360) and from my perch in the beautiful northwest of the US, I attempt to have a 360 degree view of life, Judaism, community and the issues facing my corner of the universe and beyond. I am both both committed to creating vibrant Jewish community and using a spiritual voice to speak to issues of social justice and common concern.


I am a fellow of Rabbis Without Borders, a project of CLAL, and have contributed also to the to the RWB blog at My Jewish Learning. I completed the Clergy Leadership Program of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. I was a Brickner Fellow with the Religious Action Center, and was a member of cohort 3 of the Clergy Leadership Incubator.

CLI teaching

In addition to my rabbinic studies, I have earned a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, trained in professional mediation, and am a certified Gottman Seven Principles Leader through the Gottman Institute. I am currently a chaplaincy intern through the Clinical Pastoral Education program at Providence St. Peter Hospital.

I served as the President of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, and was honored to be named one of 2016 America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis by the Forward.


You can read my resume here.

Note: All thoughts and reflections on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the congregation I serve, Temple Beth Hatfiloh, its Board or its membership.

5 responses to “About Me”

  1. Leslie Shore Avatar
    Leslie Shore

    Seth: Am beyond the moon to see your work here, finally! And, I wanted to say how wonderful your writing was on the Sandy Hook tragedy, and how in agreement I am, with you. Also, wanted to encourage you to share, on this site, your wonderfully progressive piece that you wrote on The Women’s Torah, which I have had blown up and use often. If you don’t have a copy of the text, I can probably fish one out, it’s terrific and important. Wishing you and your family, a Happy “Gregorian” New Year and as always, feel so grateful you are in our world.
    With love,
    Leslie xo


  2. Shari Avatar

    Nice to see you on wordpress!


  3. Don Victor Avatar
    Don Victor

    Shalom, Seth. We speak lovingly and frequently of you and yohanna. This e-mail thing (laptop) is new to me, so am giving you FOUR a shout-out. C. Ahavath Sholom. great and enjoying year eight with our Spiritual Leader, Barbara j. Cohen. Love the Hallah board. If you have a family photograph, we.d treasure an update. Yohanna, you certainly helped make us what we are. The Shul looks wonderful: We redid the interior, pretty much our own labor. It is the same and much more welcoming..You are invited home, anytime! Along with our 90-year-old Congregation, we of course are all getting along. Stay well. New to all of this, I hope these thoughts go through.


  4. Saul Oresky Avatar
    Saul Oresky

    Excellent work here, Seth! Kol hakavod! I wish I could say from my bimah what you said here in your comparison of Dolt 45 to Pharaoh.


    1. Rabbi360 Avatar

      Thanks Saul! “Dolt 45”–love it!


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